Teri Meri Love Stories 9th September 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 9th September 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Teri Meri Love Stories 9th September 2012 Written Episode

This is the story of a guy named onir das who is an accomplished stage play director and whose dream projevt is devdas.He truly understands its emotions but the reason the play has not materialised yet is due to him not being able to find his and the play’s inspiration,paro.A chance glance at a girl,pihu enjoying the rain whole heartedly makes him realise that this si the girl he had been searching for but before he could approach her on the other side of the road she disappears taking with her a page of his script which accidentally fell her way.Afterwards he and his team are frantically trying to search for that girl but in vain.Just then a girl walks in their theatre looking for onir wanting a role in his play.He immediately recognizes her to be the same girl that he had seen and i8nstructs his team to give her the lead role and walks out.At home,pihu is shown reading the page that came her way and thinks that the author must indeed be a very emotional person.Just then her sister,roop comes in with the news that she has bagged the lead role in onir’s play devdas.Both pihu,her twin sister and their dad are happy to hear this.But what has actually happend is that onir thought roop to be his girl i.e. pihu and offered her the role.But roop is unable to understand the emotions behind the play and takes it very lightly.On the other hand,a shy demure pihu perfect for the role is shown attending to people in her everyday life,helping people and spreading joy and cheer.Onir is increasingly getting frustrated with roop’s careless attitude towards the play and fires her for talking on the phone when she should have been rehearsiong.On the way back home,she comes across pihu talking on the phone,mistakes her for roop adn again angrily puts her in the car and takes her to the theatre.She injures her hand in the scuffle which leaves a mark.She is told by onir,the importance that the play has for him and how emotions override everything else during stage play.Pihu feels alive in this meeting and being on the stage thrills her.h advices her to feel the stage and people cheering for her.when she returns home,roop tells her that she has landed herself in a mess because now that she is working with eminent director,onir,she has been cast for a film,the shooting of which begins tomorrow and tells her to take her place in onir’s play as nobody would know the difference.So pihu goes to the rehearsal,but seeing his short tempered rebuttal towards a spotboy she stammers through her lines and gets him angry again and he throws her out of the play. His mother sees his behaviour and advices him not to be so angry all the time.At durga puja celebrations,he sees her performing without any stammering and reprimands her for the same.She finally gives in and takes her stand and talks back to him saying that by his bullying nature all he can do is instill fear in others but not make them ever understand the essence of his play.For the first time in his life,he is silenced but he seems to enjoy it.She also takes him to the ghats and makes him feel alive and reverberate with the nature.Their closenss is visible in the performance that they deliver during the stage rehearsals.Everybody is all praise for the couple.But pihu is jolted back to reality when she remembers that she is just filling in for roop and feels that she is betraying onir and deccides to tell him the next day.But her plans change when she sees roop who has been thrown out of the film due to bad acting and has come back for her role in the play.Roop attends the next day rehearsals but it lacks the lustre that pihu had brought to the character.Next day onir comes to meet his leading lady at her house and is shocked to see the two sisters and realises the sham that they played on him.He in his anger,decides to shelve the show and leaves.Pihu goes to onir in his theatre and urges him o continue with the play as the tickets have been sold and he would run at a complete loss otherwise.He agrees on one condition that she would herself come everyday to mentor roop for the role.Next day onwards both the sisters come on the set but the showmakers realise that the couple lack the chemistry required and blame it on onir’s disinterestedness. Roop is worried seeing this.On the day of the show,when pihu is praying for its success she is taken aside by roop who asks her some questions,In the commotion the paper that pihu had kept from onir’s scrpit falls on the ground and his mother sees it.menwhile the play begins with pihu playing paro.When onir sees this,he is again angry and locks himself in his green room.His mother comes and makes him understand that ven though pihu made a mistake,she’s sorry for it and they bothactually love each other but dont realise it yet.In fact onir is doing the same thing that his onscreen character devdas did in his ego and lost paro.When onir faces pihu again on the stage,in the scene where paro is seeing devdas for the last time brfore getting married,he comes out of his character and bares his true heart out for her as onir and proposes her in front of everybody.she agrees and they both hug each other.The show’s unusual end is handled by his team with a secondary ending of love always ending happily and thats what their director onir wanted.Both audience and critics appreciate this improvised version of DEVDAS.The love story finally has a happy ending.

Precap: A love story of a couple where the man falls in love with his wife after marriage,but the girl is still unable to forget her first love and compromises on her marriage with this man.However things change when they are on their honeymoon where she tries to please him but he doesnt want a compromising love story in his life.

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  1. karthika manoharan
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    It’s really very nice story but it will not happen in real life.Only love starts after the marriage.

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