Teri Meri Love Stories 7th October 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 7th October 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Teri Meri Love Stories 7th October 2012 Written Episode

This is the story of two families lving in opposite homes,one strictly vegetarian jain family and the other non vgetarian marathi family.Their children love each other,the girl,anjali from the marathi family and the boy,rohit from the jain family but due to the differences between their families they too do not show their love.Also their fathers work in the same office.Their sardar boss admits rohit as the intern under mr.talpade,anjali’s father.However their gig is up when they are caught in the car by their families and all hell breaks loose.Despite the couple’s efforts to save the situation,they fight bitterly and take away their children.They are then reprimanded and caged in the confines of their house,not allowed to meet or talk to each other.Mr.talpdae sends a really bad recommendation letter for rohit as his intern,out of animosity.

However they meet in the night and decide of a plan to get them together.They decide to execute it during the company aided family holiday at a resort.With their sardar boss’ assistance they get the two families to stay in the same cottage.The families are pissed off but cant do anything.Then repeated situations are conjured up that gt the two families to break the ice and start getting closer.They are happy to see their plan working.

However the next morning when the whole group is out for an advnture trip,rohit has to go for his interview.Meanwhile while anjali is happily playing along with the cattle,the jain family are reminiscient of the time when she was a little girl and was very attached to them.However their trip down the memory lane breaks when they see her slip accidentally and then Mr.jain dives in and saves her.Mr.Talpade is very thankful and obliged towards Mr.Jain.However things change when rohit enters with bitter words for anjali’s father carrying the recomendation letter that he had sent that cost rohit his job.Even when he apologizes rohit is in no mood to calm down and keeps spewing bitter words against him.Anjali finally loses her anger and calls off the engagement when he refuses to apologize and also asks him to choose between him or his family.Everybody gets disturbed seeing this.

Once back to mumbai,they are still not talking to each other.Anjali whenever she tries to talk to him,he avoids her and walks off.Mr.jain hands rohit his appointment letter for his dream job and asks him to cautiously choose his life ahead.On the other hand,Mr.talpade too gives his daaughter the certificate required for hr going to usa for studies and gives her the same advice.Meanwhile anjali also sees wedding preparations going on for rohit.

The night before leaving for usa,her parents and rohit’s parents lock them up through an excuse on the terrace to talk.After an awkward tiome spending,rohit breaks the silence by apologizing and saying he’s getting married tomorrow.She too tells him that she’s leaving for usa.They both look on the irony of the situation that a personw ho was carrer oriented is gettin married and a family centred girl is going abroad to pursue her career.When she asks him how is his would be wife,he tells her that he’s never met her,just exchanged photos among their parents.Seeing her feeling cold,he offers her his jacket despite her resistance.Meanwhile downstairs their families are wondering if they would resolve the situation or not upstairs.

Next morning,they wake up their children who they find snuggled in each other’s arms.When his parents’ ask if they should cancel the wedding and her parents ask whether she should cancel her flight ticket,she looks on at him hopefully but he says that the descision has already been taken and that ther’s a girl waiting for him at the wedding tonight.Anjali and evryubody else is shocked at this descision.

In the cab for airport,her afmily is advising her not to let ego come in the way of love and relation.On the other hand,His parents’ are also advising him to think before he takes such a big step.He hoewver thinks that he cannot ditch the girl that’s waiting for him and decides to marry anyways.However when his mom asks him to close his eyes and think about the life partner that he wants,he sees anjali and runs after her on his horse,when he’s told by his parents that there was no girl marrying him today and all this was a gimmick to get him to realise his love.He runs after her,but when he calls up the flight services,he is informed that her flight has already taken off.

Dishearted and in tears,he reaches his wedding pandal,where anjali’s father comes up to him.Rohit apologizes for his rude behaviour.He says that alla children make mistakes and that its time to move on.He said that they will ensure that there are no more mistakes in the future.Seeing rohit surprised,he motions the baraat to come and rohit sees both the families enjoying and coming towards him.finally,the baraat parts way where he sees anjali dressed a s a bride.They both hug each othr and this love story finally has a happy ending.

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    October 21, 21:45 Reply

    Did teri meri love stories end?

    • Chica
      November 05, 20:11

      No I don’t think so they don’t air every weekday though only like once a week or something.

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