Teri Meri Love Stories 29th September 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 29th September 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Teri Meri Love Stories 29th September 2012 Written Episode

This is the story of a couple Nikhil and Nikita.They run off and get married despite there being no need since nikita is very filmy but the couple is very much in love.

However after 5 years ,things are not that smooth.When nikhil returns to india from the states he accidentally happens to bump into nikita in his office,where coincidently she also works.However nikhil already had seen nikita on his way to the office,when she had caused a major traffic jam when her shoe got stuck in the manhole and in a bid to take it out she accidentally causes two cars top collide,and he had wondered that she is still the same high spirited that she was.However it is later revealed that they are in fact an estranged couple who separated 5 years ago.They both feel a certain amount of awkwardness whenever they bump into each other.

When they are at their homes in solitude,nikhil at the window,and nikita after having fought with her mother are reminded of their cute love story and how everything was all well in the begining.

Next morning when her tennis ball spoils his project,they actually get a chance to talk and decide to be friends.Then she introduces maddy as her fiance.And they both try to fix up nikhil with some girls.Howevre the dates were drastic as unknowingly they were too self absorbed among themselves to be able to concentrate on their dates.Their dates go drastic and they finally confront each other when nikhil accuses nikita of intentionally sabotaging the dates as she is jealous.She however points out that jealousy was not her but instead his virtue.

Back in the solitude of their house,they both rememeber the real reason why they separated coz nikita was very attached to kukkoo but nikhil mistakes it for a man and accuses her of promiscuity.Seeing his distrust,she decides to leave.

Next day in the opffice,due to a same color choice,mridula and nikhil seem to hook up in front of nikita.She is upset but does not show it.They bothe get close and nikita starts spending time with mandy.However one day,nikhil calls up the office and knows that kukkoo has died.He goes over to nikita’s house for condolences where he finds out that kukkoo was in fact a dog.He is infuriated out of his wit that she broke off with him over a dog.however she tries to explain that she didnt tell him coz he was allergic to dogs and morover he had mistrusted her.He leaves in anger.She prepones her marriage in an upset mood to the day after tomorrow.Meanwhile nikhil is restless in mridula’s presence and cant stop thinking about mikita.mridula makes him realise that even after so many years,he still loves her and will always love her.

Meanwhile,nikita dressed as a bride is surprised to see nikhil with staircase ion her back window ready to elope wioth her and confesses his love for her and asks her to run away with him.she agrees and they both hug each other,this situation is the exact reciprocative of the situation in which they married first where she convinceed him to run away.The love story finally has a happy ending.

Precap: A love story which after a rocky start get on to become serious but takes a sad turn when the girl marries somebody else and leaves the boy heartbroken.

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  1. apurva
    June 01, 14:00 Reply

    where is 29th september 2012 full episode of teri meri love stories?? can u please tell me the website OR link??

  2. Barun Baby
    September 29, 16:59 Reply

    Wat was the song wen the truth bout Kuku came out,???
    Unse poochein jo na samjhe .. Somethin lyk dat… Pls temme.. (:

  3. Rida
    September 29, 16:22 Reply

    Who played the role of mridula??

  4. Aashi
    September 29, 14:44 Reply

    Its iqbal khan and divyanka trpathy

  5. KSG!!
    September 29, 14:42 Reply

    Nikita was Divyanka Tripati and Nikhil was Iqbal Khan!!

    • manisha
      September 29, 14:55

      nikita – divyanka tripathi
      nikhil-iqbal khan

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