Teri Meri Love Stories 16th September 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 16th September 2012 Written Update by liquidfantasy

Epi starts with FL making a vid of herself saying, she knows true love always happens. and she has readied all wedding stuff and they she won’t make any more jodis. She is a match maker. Her frnd comes that cries about the guy. It is revealed the FL’s name is Sia ( S ). S enters some office and goes to the guy and blasts him off on why he did it. he tells her she lied and said she was never in relationship before but my parents got to know the truth and shows P some pics of her frnd with other guys. S is angry and says that if your parents put investigators after my frnd to which he replies no and they are bigger than that. they are called ‘dil breakers’ (DB) and is ran by the ML. S starts following ML and takes some notes.

(let me drool over my karan for a while..he looks handsome on bike and the BG music is funny)

P asks for help from her dad. he says no and says he wants S to get married and settle down. her mom also agrees with her dad. she sulks. her dad sings her a song to cheer her up (very cute mom-dad 😉 ) she says i want to teach tht dil breaker a lesson and then i will do whatever she says. they both agree to help her.

S’s mom-dad is in DB office as potential customers. ML is Karan (K). K says true love is only in movies and Love is like a need (like finance etc..). S’s mom-dad says maybe all the jodis u hv broken were really meant to be. K says if they are really meant to be no one can break them, not even me!he says i have broken 49 jodis and S’s will be my half century!K starts following S. (cute song in BG)

they are in a club. K looks fr S and finds her at bar. K gets her usual and pretends to be crying. S asks if he is fine. K replies i will be. S comments to herself on his cheap lines to pataofy girls. he asks if she is alone. S says that she is waiting for her bf. K says if you were my gf, i wud nvr let you wait though my gf made me wait a lot n now she is any one else’s wife. K starts telling his story that how he met her in coll but she was cheating on him over his best frnd…S looks interested in the story and says to herself if she didn’t know the truth she dud hv fallen fr the story. S says her bf is not well, so she is alone too. K acts drunk so S offers to give him a lift back. they officially introduce themselves. they reach K’s home and he says time flies to which S replies that K’s home is just in next block to the club.K starts getting off the car and walking to his him when S stops and offers to give him her ph no. so that he can call whenever he feels talking to some one. she writes her np. on his hand. Next day K reaches S’s home with flowers and chocolates. her parents pretends for a doc’s appt and leaves them alone. S offers break fast which is ‘medu-vada’ (she took notes oh his likes before) they talk about stuff and they have many similar likes.
while talking they have a romantic moment. Dhruv (S’s pretend bf) comes to meet her and sees them all lovey-dovey. K says to himself that he have to go in depth to break this jodi. He takes a few pics of Dhruv dancing with other girls and shows to S. S says its all that DB’s doing and these are fake pics. he did this with one of her frnds too and asks if K knows this DB?? he says no and they hv a cute hug. K says to himself that he shud be far frm girls and this is his job. they meet for next few days and come close.

Its S’s bday and K proposes her. S is scared of what she has done. K actually fell in love with S. S feels very bad.the bell rings but S stops him from opening door. the bell rings continuously so K opens it. It is revealed to K that S was pretending all this to get back onto him and he is heart broken. S apologizes and says it was not planned like this. He says i am a bad guy as I break ppl’s heart and u did the same.

S is crying and hugs her dad and sad song plays in BG. they both rem their good moments together. S’s dad says you promised and now you hv to meet a guy at the cafe. she meets and while talking to him realizes that she too is in love with K. She is about to go when she sees K at the next table. K says I got into this stupid habit of making jodi coz of you.

He asks for the ring he had given before and proposes her.

Karan is looking very hot and he has some very funny dialogs.
Karan droolers..DO WATCH!

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    Plz upload pics plz plz plz

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    September 17, 14:59 Reply

    The best story so far!!! Good acting surprisingly in a long ime since this show started.. Who r the actors???

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