Teri Meri Love Stories 15th September 2012 Written Update

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Teri Meri Love Stories 15th September 2012 Written Update by liquidfantasy

female lead reading her horoscope which says that today she might meet the guy whom she is gonna spend her life with. she then meets her 1st love. that guy used to leave a flower on her stairs. the female lead talks to her dad as well abt him. Her dad is on call and after listening to some thing on phone is very angry and throws things from table. an employee comes and asks the reason.
her father is bandaging that employees finger and asking if he believes in horoscope. that guy says he makes his own luck. father inquires if he is married. the guy says says no. the female lead is then shown talking to herself that she is gonna marry a stranger and not her flower guy..

the honeymoon is in macau. the hotel guy is explaining about the hotel. the female lead’s name is saloni.
the hotel guy says indian couple 2 days happy then fight..(LOL)..and they bet also!!
they hubby says he wanted to talk to her and her phone rings, she doesn’t take it. the guy’s ph rings and its saloni’s dad. he asks about saloni and the hubby thanks fr planning the trip. the father says plz tk care of saloni. saloni is in bathroom freshening up and tries to remove the mehendi. she is looking at a diary and petals fall down frm it. the card is from some sunil, saloni’s first love.
hubby is all mesmerized by saloni and writes his name saloni chaturvedi on mirror. he says i know its difficult..we got married in a month. his name is nityanand (N) chaturvedi and holds her hand. saloni is all uncomfy. he asks if she is fine that he held her hand. saloni (S) says why wud she feel bad as he is her husband. he says marriage is a relationship, and not duty. he asks if this marriage was according to her will. she says it does not matter as we can’t take reverse pheras and that she is only gonna fulfill her duty in this life and apologizes. N is all shattered. next day she finds a rose on the room entrance and runs to find Sunil as he used to do that to her.

the hotel guys are talking about the bet as they hv fought from start. they bet agn on if they will divorce..

–a very cute song sequence where S is hopping and N following her–

she sees a very expensive necklace (star pendant) and then sneaks out to check with receptionist about sunil gupta. but she says there is no sunil in this hotel. S is frantically looking for sunil and N is all looking for S. they bump into each other and drops everything. N asks where she was and he was scared. S says i want to be alone for some time. N returns to her room and is sad. next day she again finds a rose at the door. S and N are out on a boat ride and she falls on him. the boat guy is singing. the ride is kinda bumpy n S keeps on fallin on N. while stepping out of boat she kinda trips and N steadies her. They go in restaurant and order food. they start speaking their interests in movies and director. she asks he like rains or late night parties etc. N says imagine we r not married and its raining here, S says i dnt talk to strangers but since i dnt hv company so they start talking all friendly. cute conversation.

S says i am working at office with mr khanna and he has a very nice daughter. everyone tries to imress her. he asks what about u. S says i wanted to be an interior designer but my dad married me off as soon as i finished college. N asks arrange marriage, n continues that his is also arranged one and he didn’t get much time to know his wife too. N says i consider mr khanna as my dad and that he is an orphan.

S says tell me something about u that no one knows..he replies that he can make black daal in 7 ways. she asks whether he did any course??N replies he used to get beaten up in orphanage so he ran away and reached a local dhaba where he learnt but police caught him and sent bak to orphanage. S is all sad listening to this. it S’s turn now to tell one thing that no1 knows. she says she sent a letter to Salman Khan and he sent back a photo with autograph. N says i also wrote a letter to prime minister to arrest the owner of orphanage but nothing happened. she says u didn’t get anything in your life..he replies not yet but now i will as u r there in my life.

they are sleeping on either side of bed. S says may u see the person u love most in ur dreams. N gets up in morning he has his hand below her head. an awkward but cute moment. she again finds a rose..

the hotel guys talk again as they are happy n they bet that they will fight soon.

S wants to go to casino. N says casinos are not good. they bet that in this much cold (-8 C) he shud remove his jacket. he does that and she asks him to stand there fr next few mins. he is shivering. so S asks him to wear the jacket n he does. S says u lost as 5 mins are not over yet. next she says he has to dance on Bollywoof song. he says he can’t..but goes on to dance on Jai Ho!he drags S too.

S compliments N on his dancing. he says he won the bet. N asks on carrying S’s bag but S doesn’t let him to. he feels suspicious. N says as per the bet, i want to hold your bag. he says we r frnds and that we can’t be more than that coz only 2 ppl are needed for love but u carry 3rd person with you in your bag in the form of diary. he pleads for a chance but S says i didn’t get a chance as i was forced to marry u. i can’t forget him. he says u shud let go of old memories and throws diary in the water. she throws his bag in water too..he asks why as he had his passport and money..his everything was in that bag. S says my everything was in that diary too..he runs to get his bag. they both are sad and N rem old moments. (tanhayee in BG)

S calls her dad n says why did u marry me off to some one else. father says N is perfect fr u and plz give him a chance. S says can he give me my freedom. her dad says u r married to him..
He is at the store and wants to buy a pendant for her but he doesn’t hv any money. he tells store’s mgr he will pay them asap. he says he wants to manaofy his wife and wants that pendant. the owner misunderstands N as for having a gun n calls security. He gives the pendant to N when the confusion clears. N promises he will pay by next day.

Meanwhile Hotel guy comes to S n says u shud give time to relationship..

N comes over n asks for forgiveness n gives her the pendant. S says u think this pendant can make everything right? N says i want u to be my frnd agn and says i can give u freedom. u can go to person u love and i want stop u and that he will make S’s dad understand too.. S is happy n runs frm there. N is standing there all broken. S calls sunil n tells him that she is free and now we can get married. Sunil says we can’t marry as their horoscope don’t match (some manglik thing) S calls her dad that y didn’t he tell her n if N knows she is manglik.
S is very angry n crushes all the flowers..

the hotel guys are talking agn..they say i dnt care about bet..let the love win.

she agn sees the flower at the door. S calls sunil n he clarifies that it was never him. he nvr kept any rose. there is a note with flower too which says ” i am very close to you”. she guesses n runs for N. she asks the reason n he explain that he loved the smile on her face while seeing the rose. one day her father saw him. S says any weather and u used to keep roses, u love me that much? he says luck is in stars and gives her the star pendant from before.

Episode ends with he picking her up and taking her to decorated bed..

It was a very cute story. Mahi is looking nice and the Nitya guy( i dnt know his real name) is very sweet
Must watch!

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  1. fangirl
    April 29, 16:10 Reply

    superb story. . .awesome acting. . .loved the episode

  2. Poonam
    April 06, 14:21 Reply

    This one is the best episode of a cute love story superbly executed by a talented director and his crew. The lead pairs are awesome to watch and the songs are apt and in sync with the script. The irony of an arranged marriage, horoscope stuff and the sweet conversation at the bus stop are unforgettable. Well done STAR PLUS!

  3. chayya
    September 16, 01:32 Reply

    it was a really a very nice eposide

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